First take with Zoom MS-70CDR

I just got the Zoom MS-70CDR multi effects pedal and just trying a few patches. This patch uses the flanger going into a nice reverb. Together with the AE Mini Modular and my trusty Volca Sample it is quite a good combo.

Instagramming with AE Mini and iPad

I’ve discovered how to connect a super cheap USB audio splitter with my iPad and had to try it out on my AE Minisynth. The result made it only to Instagram, but it’s a nice little diddle.

Superbooth 2019

This post is a bit late, but better late than never! I spent most of May in Berlin with my family and had the great fortune to also attend Superbooth. As some of you may know, I am helping Robert from tangible waves with some of his marketing and I also manage the AE Modular community forum. So he invited me to Superbooth as part of his team and I spent the 3 days mostly at the tangible waves booth, demonstrating the AE Modular system to so many people who were just amazed how small it is and how good it sounds. I also met many people from the forum, which was really cool, especially with me being so far away here down under.

Felix (from TheTuesdayNightMachines), Mark (TheTechnobear), Robert (tangiblewaves) and I then had a little sit down to talk about this phenomenon which is the AE Modular.

We also had many youtubers come and interview Robert which really helped carry the message around the world. Most notably was Ben (DivKid) who was genuinely impressed and his video has now been viewed a few thousand times.

All in all I had a great time there and left with so many ideas for new content on my YouTube channel and website that there won’t be enough weekends to do it all. The most exciting thing for me however was the discovery of Modular Minimalism in the form of the tiny demo system that Robert had made specially for the booth and which he gave to me afterwards so that I could play while I was in Berlin and away from my big system. This resulted in my mini youtube series about the AE Minisynth which I will now explore in addition to getting to know my big system.