volcAE beats

This Sunday’s patch started with the NAND logic gate which gave me a nice grungy sound when I patched two oscillators through it. Then I used the SEQ16 to control the filter cutoff of the Wasp filter just to see if this was possible. Then added a few other bits and bobs and of course the fantastic Volca Sample for the beats.

Getting Started 01 – Power, Audio and MIDI

This is the first video in a series of tutorial videos that I’m planning to produce. This is for people that are totally new to the world of modular synthesis or have used synthesizers before, but are a bit confounded by the AE Modular system and its unique approach to making music.

In this video I’m first explaining how to connect the AE Modular to a mobile charger for power, how to connect it to a battery powered speaker and then I’ll show how to connect a MIDI keyboard for playing notes.