Korg Wavestate Tutorials on YouTube

The Korg Wavestate is an incredibly complex synthesizer and it takes a while to learn it (maybe years!) When it came out there were a few people who have made tutorials, but they are strewn across YouTube and not always easy to find in a structured manner. This page tries to bring them all together in one place.

XNB Full Length Tutorials

These are two 2 hour long videos which will take you through most if not all functions of the Wavestate and are incredibly well made. I strongly suggest to start here.

This video shows all the hardware controls and how to use them:

This video takes you through the mechanism of wave sequencing:

Introductory videos from Korg directly

These were the very first tutorials available and are still a great way to get a quick overview of what’s going on.

Detailed Tutorials by BlueCliff Synthesis

First … learn how to achieve a granular sampling effect with the Wavestate.

This video explains how to program drums with the Wavestate.

This video explains various ways to program generative drum patterns.

This video demonstrates the various filter types and how to turn one filter into six.

This tutorial is a deep dive into Wave Sequencing Synthesis and how to program it on the Wavestate.

This is a tutorial on how to program a 303 style acid bass patch on the Wavestate.

Check out all the videos by BlueCliff Synthesis, he has really awesome performances and other tutorials on his channel.

Ambient Orchestra Tutorials by Ron Cavagnaro

The following series of tutorials is a great in depth view on how to use the wave sequencing of the Wavestate to create ambient orchestral tracks.

Check out the other videos on Ron Cavagnaro’s YouTube channel. He has hundreds of tutorials for all kinds of synths.

Qui Robinez Series of Tutorials

Below is a YouTube playlist of a series of very detailed tutorials. Please select the various videos from the little “hamburger menu” in the top right corner of the video.

Qui’s YouTube channel is amazing. He’s a truly gifted musician and wonderful teacher, please check it out!

Waveformer Tutorials

Waveformer is a master of beautiful ambient and Berlin School music and he has produced two amazing sound packs which you can purchase from his website here: https://waveformer.gumroad.com/

Here is a tutorial on how to use the Wavestate just as a “normal” analog synth for basic sound design.

This tutorial explores the technique of “ratcheting” which is used quite a lot in Berlin School music.

This video explains how to use the arpeggiator and wave sequencing control knobs to create fresh new melodies.

Tutorials from SynthDad

This tutorial focuses on the Step Sequencer lane and how it can be used to modulate different parameters of sound.

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