Superbooth 2023 – HAND Hear what you see

Sascha is a really consummate artist and his work flows between the rhythmical (he’s a drummer by trade), the ambient (he gives workshops on how to make music with tapeloops) and the visual. For his visuals he’s interested in making sound visible by using old, fluorescent oscilloscope and sending audio into them which he programs using Pd, a graphical programming language for programming sound.

Please check out his gallery of images on his website:

Robert Langer – A Patch from Scratch

In May 2022 I visited Robert and the tangible waves team at their headquarters in Murnau in Bavaria. After a series of interviews and videos about the production workflow, Robert showed me his little sanctuary, a former chapel within the building which he has rented to play music and to get inspiration for his module creations. Here, Robert is showing us his process of creating a performance from scratch in the style of Klaus Schulze who had just died a few days before we recorded this video.