My Studio

I have a few hardware synths and associated gear in my studio. Below are links to pages with notes and instruction videos which I have found on the web or made myself.

Hardware Synthesizers / Drum Machines

tangible waves AE Modular
Roland Juno 60
Korg Volca FM
Korg NTS-1
tangible waves Synth Explorer
Synthstrom Deluge
Korg Volca Drum
Behringer Neutron
Korg Wavestate
Audiothingies P6
Korg Volca Modular

Effects / Guitar Pedals

Zoom MS70-CDR

Keyboards / Controllers / Sequencers

Korg SQ-1
Arturia Keystep
Novation Launchkey Mini mk3

Mixers / Audio Interfaces / Recorders / Microphones

Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB
KV Gear Vixen Mixer
Zoom h1n
Behringer UMC404HD
tangible waves VMIX-10
Rhode Podmic
Maker hart Mixer
Zoom H6
Behringer XM8500

MIDI Devices

Kenton Midi Merge
Erica Midi Through
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