AE Modular Jam – Mellow

After a few totally unproductive weeks I finally got my groove back. The LFO was clocked high, so this track could have gone in any direction, but it so happened to be a very relaxed, mellow track. Something to let play in the background while sipping a cocktail or having a nice Sunday morning coffee. The bassline was done by the Behringer Neutron, but sequenced from the AE Modular. All other sounds are from the AE Modular!

AE Modular Techno with Korg Volca Modular

In this jam I’ve hooked up the Korg Volca Modular together with my AE Modular via the new VMBRIDGE module from tangible waves. This patch has both systems completely interconnected, with the complex oscillator from the Volca going through the Wasp filter of the AE and the sound of the AE going through the reverb of the Volca and many more cross patches. It really open up innumerable possibilities with these two devices.

Jamuary 2021 #2 – A Meditative Jam

This jam is much slower and almost follows a very slow breath – in – out – in – out. The finale somehow became strangely ominous, but as I don’t really know where inspiration leads me, I just have to follow.

Again the thumbnail was made by my son Robin, who’s getting really good at this!

This recording is also the first made with my new audio interface, the Behringer UMC-404 HD and. oh boy, does this make a difference! No more hissing noises! Clean sound, manageable levels, I should have bought this ages ago! This time I’ve also recorded it straight into Reaper and applied some light compression to the mix.