Fun with the MicroStAEtion

I was inspired by Matt Wand’s jam at Superbooth and have been thinking about the little case for a while since. I think it is perfect for really getting to know one or two modules really deeply without being distracted by all the other modules in a bigger rack.

Here are my first two videos I made with this rack and I’m sure more will follow in the next few weeks.

Jamming the GRUNGE Filter with the SEQ8
Using the arpeggiator on the Arturia Keystep to jam.

Superbooth 2023 – HAND Hear what you see

Sascha is a really consummate artist and his work flows between the rhythmical (he’s a drummer by trade), the ambient (he gives workshops on how to make music with tapeloops) and the visual. For his visuals he’s interested in making sound visible by using old, fluorescent oscilloscope and sending audio into them which he programs using Pd, a graphical programming language for programming sound.

Please check out his gallery of images on his website:

AE Micro Modules – Part 1 – Sound Mangling

Here I’m demonstrating the following micro modules which are great for shaping, distorting, destroying or otherwise mangling your sound: µTONE, µDISTORTION, µ2SIGAMP, µBITCRUSH, µSUBOCTAVE. The micro module system has been released mid last year and has already revolutionised the AE Modular system by tangible waves by making the modules even smaller!