Getting Started 04 – SEQ16

This is a tutorial video about the SEQ16 pitch and gate sequencer module for the AE Modular system from tangible waves. I’m explaining the different inputs, outputs and controls and demonstrate how to clock it from a simple LFO or via MIDI. The SEQ16 is quite unique because you only tune up to 5 notes which you can then assign to each step. This is a limitation, but also makes tuning so much easier than with other sequencers, especially if you don’t have a quantizer.

Getting Started 01 – Power, Audio and MIDI

This is the first video in a series of tutorial videos that I’m planning to produce. This is for people that are totally new to the world of modular synthesis or have used synthesizers before, but are a bit confounded by the AE Modular system and its unique approach to making music.

In this video I’m first explaining how to connect the AE Modular to a mobile charger for power, how to connect it to a battery powered speaker and then I’ll show how to connect a MIDI keyboard for playing notes.