Synth Explorer – Just Jamming

Amazing what you can do with this little education system, the “Synth Explorer” from tangible waves. Here we have one oscillator going through a delay for a sound foundation layer, the notes are provided by a slow LFO that goes via S&H through the Quantizer (Pent Minor scale). Then a kick on the 4 and the bassline is just the sub oscillator going through the Wasp filter. Then noodling by changing cut off on the Wasp and decay on the envelope. A simple patch, but really fun to play with.

AE Modular Jam – Mellow

After a few totally unproductive weeks I finally got my groove back. The LFO was clocked high, so this track could have gone in any direction, but it so happened to be a very relaxed, mellow track. Something to let play in the background while sipping a cocktail or having a nice Sunday morning coffee. The bassline was done by the Behringer Neutron, but sequenced from the AE Modular. All other sounds are from the AE Modular!

AE Modular Techno with Korg Volca Modular

In this jam I’ve hooked up the Korg Volca Modular together with my AE Modular via the new VMBRIDGE module from tangible waves. This patch has both systems completely interconnected, with the complex oscillator from the Volca going through the Wasp filter of the AE and the sound of the AE going through the reverb of the Volca and many more cross patches. It really open up innumerable possibilities with these two devices.

Dark Ambient Drone with Eurorack

Today I assembled the AE Modular Eurorack adapter frame together with the Behringer Neutron into a case that I built many years ago when I started my Journey with modular synths. I believe that AE can play along with Eurorack very well and that the Neutron can benefit from a few extra modulation options and the sweet FX that the AE can bring to the table.

Getting Started – DRONE38 and DRONX

This is an overview of the two new drone modules for the AE Modular Synth from tangible waves. I’m presenting a short demonstration of the sound in the beginning and then will explain the functions of each module in detail. Towards the end there are some thoughts on how to approach making music with these modules.